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Business Insurance London Ontario, are you a new business owner in need of Insurance or looking for better service and rates for your existing business? Below is some information to help you understand the need for insurance and clicking here will start the process to give you a quote for business insurance London Ontario. Receive the service & rates you deserve with a 100% Local Company! Many small businesses are comprised of a sole owner with few or no employees. They attend community shows where vendors can showcase their products. Hosts usually require vendors to provide business insurance which confirms liability insurance. In the past these shows did not require vendors to have liability insurance, but event hosts and municipalities are now protecting themselves to prevent being solely named in a lawsuit due to actions of vendors at these shows. Small business owners sometimes may believe they are immune to insurance claims for their products they make or sell or service they provide. If a business owner does not have business insurance, if found negligent for damage or injury, their business along with their personal assets could be at risk. The key with liability is that you only have to be shown to be 1% at fault or negligent to be held liable for the entire claim. Another aspect of business insurance overlooked is the coverage to pay for defense costs/legal fees if a claim is brought against you. The legal costs to retain a lawyer can be very expensive and without business insurance you would have to pay for this yourself. The cost to defend you is included in the liability insurance coverage. Examples of claims relating to certain business could be, a supplier or maker of skin care product where someone has an allergic reaction? A caterer or bakery. What if someone becomes ill and has long term issues due to food spoilage or allergic reaction? What if you provide a service or make handmade goods for retail and patrons visit your home and suffer a slip and fall when on your property for business? If you research on Google your product or service, you will find claims, injury and damage relating to your business. Business insurance is a vital coverage for any business owner to have. Most business insurance policies can be bound same day with the proper information collected. Protect your business and your livelihood by havingĀ a policy for your business insurance London Ontario.

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