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Insurance Agency Launched . Wow, what a crazy, exciting week.  On Tuesday we launched our new company, serving the London, Strathroy region.

Our Agency is now licensed by the government, to sell insurance for home, business, farm and vehicle insurance in the London, Strathroy region.

 The Agency is OIG Insurance Inc. operating as OurInsuranceGuy.  This change began in April, with the agreement between myself, my wife Christina and Town & Country Mutual Insurance to have us move to becoming a Corporate Agent.

Christina and I have this vision of creating an Agency that earns your trust while branding OurInsuranceGuy.  We are fortunate to continue to look after the families and businesses we insure now while continuing to grow our business.  Having a great support system has made this amazing change happen.  We are so excited to see where this goes. 

To think, it was only 8 years ago that our lives changed when the automotive plant I worked in for 13 years, closed.  Prior to the plant closing I made a plan to enter into a second career completely unrelated to working in manufacturing.  For the past 6 years I have learned from many, different aspects of Insurance and have noticed the lack of education, care, and empathy towards our members.  Christina and I thrive in an environment of helping others and we see how others respond when we take the time to help them with their Insurance.

Home Insurance, is no question, our specialty.  We offer excellent products along with great service and pricing in the London region.  The other types of insurance offered are Farm, Business, and Auto Insurance.  Having Christina licensed as an Agent will be an added addition as it was getting quite hectic, looking after all the policies.  There were times in the past 6 years where I felt overwhelmed, and did not think I was providing the best service, but that will change with the help from Christina.

Did I mention the kids were excited too?  The kids love having me around a bit more with having flexible hours outside of the office, and see their dad having fun and enjoying this transition to our own Agency.

This week has been busy, getting a home office ready, meeting licensing requirements, all while look after our current member’s policies.  I am sure the next few months to a year will be a challenge, but we are up for and are looking forward to our new journey. 

We hope you will enjoy this transition with us and we are always a phone or text away if you have any questions.

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