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New laws came in to effect on January 01/2019 in Ontario for distracted driving which could affect driver’s auto insurance in London Region  and the rest of Ontario.

We have noticed an increase in accidents resulting from distracted driving in the London, Strathroy region.

Here are the new penalties, remember, distracted driving takes many forms, not just cell phone use. See the list of other activities below as well.

The new penalties could affect your rates for Auto Insurance in London Region

Drivers convicted of distracted driving under the new laws will be punished with a licence suspension, a hefty fine and demerit points. The severity of the punishment increases with the number of subsequent offences committed:

  • First offence: 3 days suspension and $1,000 fine
  • Second offence: 7 days suspension and $2,000 fine
  • Three or more offences: 30 days suspension, $3,000 fine and six demerit points
  • Distracted driving is no longer limited to just texting and making phone calls. 
Police will not be able to seize driver’s licences at roadside. They would have to get the approval of a judge in order to be able to suspend any driver’s licences.

Other forms of distracted driving that you can be punished for,
  • Simply holding an electronic device in your hands (hand-held communication during driving is against the law)
  • Using a cellular phone to talk, text, check maps or switch playlists
  • Eating (there may not be a licence suspension, but the police warn you could be fined or given six demerits depending on the food)
  • Reading books or documents
  • Typing a destination into the GPSDrop it drive. Let’s keep our roads safe.
Doing any of the above activities while behind the wheel makes you guilty of distracted driving, even if you’re on the highway or stopped at a red light.

Drop it and drive. Let’s keep our roads safe.

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